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Influence is the key to people’s personal power. There is a need to use influence skills positively – to keep an overall balance between getting things done and taking care of relationships. The most successful influencers use their positional power positively and only in appropriate situations. They know that in many circumstances they cannot draw only on even the most significant positional power. It is the personal power that they use most often.

Each day requires us to accomplish objectives: the organization’s, the work unit’s, our own personal objectives. In order to be successful at these tasks we need the help of others on a repeated or continual basis. We must build and maintain productive ongoing relationships with others. Meeting objectives while building relationships is not always easy: there may be internal or external blocks. We may “Avoid”, abandon our tasks in fear of damaging relationship, or we “Force”, drive towards accomplishing the task while ignoring the importance of relationships. As a result we might sometimes resort to negative influence.

Have you been on the receiving end of someone Forcing an objective against your wishes? How does it feel? How does it feel if you are the one Forcing? Working or every-day relationships that have been damaged make it more difficult for us to relay on them the next time around.

The solution is positive influence, the use of personal influencing skills that help us balance objectives and relationships. Introduction to Positive Influence Webinar and Positive Power and Influence® Program will allow you to explore what these skills are and how to use them in positive way.

This pursuit of positive influence is not based on moral or ethical standards. It is based on a thorough understanding of what gets results in all aspects of life, at work, at home, and in society.

Introduction to Positive Influence is an open webinar featuring the Positive Power and Influence® Program, the leader of influence programs. Join us and explore influencing, including the renowned Situational Influence Model®.

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